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Strength+Conditioning 16-week cycle

The objective of this cycle is to improve strength and range of motion in four primary lifts: Squat, Shoulder Press, Deadlift and Floor Press. There will also be heavy emphasis on joint stabilization through the use of unilateral movements.

There are two 4-class phases in this cycle. Each phase takes 2 weeks to complete, at two workouts per week.

Phase A: Heavy Squat, Heavy Shoulder Press, Heavy Hinge, Conditioning

Phase B: Squat Superset, Heavy Floor Press, Hinge Superset, Conditioning

Phases repeat a total of 4 times, for a 16-week progressive cycle. 

phase a.1

phase a.3

phase b.1

phase b.3

phase a.2

phase a.4

phase b.2

phase b.4