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Whether your goal is to run a marathon, keep up with your grandkids, slim down, tone up, or get strong, we can help. Schedule a trial class, or book a time to talk with a coach for more personalized solutions!

TEAM OKM | Krav Maga, Crossfit and Fitness Challenges

Women’s Fitness Challenge

Jumpstart your transformation with our 6-week women’s only fitness challenge!

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New to working out? No worries!

Everyone is new once! Our team of passionate, highly-qualified, friendly coaches will help make every minute of every class a welcoming and positive experience. We’ll meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey and help you improve not only your fitness as it relates to workouts, but your quality of life outside as a whole. You fail 100% of the shots you don’t take…let us help you give it a try!

Crossfit OKM“I just finished up a 6 week woman’s challenge and i cannot be happier with my results. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. The coaches Terri and Melissa are amazing and I have truly meet some great ladies who help keep me going! I am now joining the gym to keep up my transformation! If I can do it so can u!!!”

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